Audio Video (AV) Support Technician | オーディオ・ビデオ サポート テクニシャン

EIRE Systems is offering an exciting opportunity for an experienced Audio Visual Technician to provide AV Technical and Event Support services on-site at one of our clients in the Global Investment Banking sector.

This position offers an opportunity to support a variety of audio and video related events both onsite and offsite in an international environment. Most support is handling international, high profile video conferences as well as formal presentations, both onsite and at offsite venues.
The role includes many facets of video production in both studio and “live” event situations, including conceptualization, planning, equipment procurement, setup of equipment, capturing, directing and editing and web distribution.

The role is client-facing, requiring outstanding communications skills, a solid Helpdesk or Technical support background and methodical troubleshooting skills. Audio and video production experience and knowledge of hardware and software technologies for video production and editing are highly desirable for this role.

Working within a global team, collaboration on global projects and workflow planning is part of the job requirement.

On offer is the chance to join a great team, with continuous encouragement and support in upgrading your knowledge and level of responsibility.

AV Support Team tasks include:
  • Support Audio and Video Conferences
  • Support presentations, on and offsite, including PC, projector, video switcher, setup and troubleshoot audio visual and presentation issues
  • Organize daily/weekly/monthly schedule
  • Interact with business and clients for scheduling equipment loans and support
  • Monthly cost allocation reporting
  • Documentation of procedures in English
  • Audio and video editing of client events
  • Offsite event planning and support
  • Administrative tasks for vendor and team access
  • Administration of Audio Conference Accounts.
  • Layout and schematic drawing for events and hardware setups
  • Work with Global teams for implementation of new workflows, support systems and hardware.
  • Regular maintenance review of all systems to ensure stability.
  • Inventory control

Candidates should be based in Japan and available for interviews.

Required Skills

Qualified candidates will be able to clearly communicate with Clients, Vendors or Global AV support teams using both English and Japanese.

Success in this role would require an ability to conceptualize and implement ideas for video projects based on client requests; Familiarity with video conferencing components and connectivity for capturing video conference codecs; knowledge of various video formats and conversion tools and; confidence in working with various video cameras and video editing hardware including switchers, character generators, and chroma keying.

Required Technical Skills:
  • Working knowledge of Powerpoint, Excel and Word, Adobe Premiere (or Final Cut Studio or similar), Sound Forge and Photoshop
  • Knowledge of digital video terminology and video conferencing equipment
  • Experience with video conferencing equipment preferred.
  • Ability to troubleshoot basic PC issues. PC and MacOS technical support experience is a distinct advantage





AV Support Team tasks include(業務内容):
  • オーディオ・ビデオ会議のサポート業務経験
  • イベントやプレゼンテーションのセットアップ経験(PC、プロジェクター、ビデオスイッチ等の設定・設置)
  • 細かなスケジュール管理能力
  • イベント機材の貸し出し、外部ベンダーやクライアントとのスケジュール調整
  • 毎月の費用配分の報告
  • オーディオ・ビジュアル機器やプレゼンテーション機材のトラブルシューティング
  • 英語での手続きの文書作成
  • クライアントイベントのオーディオ・ビデオの編集(業界用語の知識があれば可)
  • オフサイトでのイベントの進行管理とサポート
  • ベンダーとチームのコミュニケーション管理
  • オーディオ会議のアカウントの管理
  • イベントのためのレイアウト管理とその機材のセットアップ
  • 新しいワークフロー、システム支援および機材の導入を行うためのチームワーク
  • メールや文書の翻訳
  • イベント機材のメンテナンス、および動作チェック
  • イベント機器の在庫管理


  • クライアントの要求に基づき、映像のためのアイデアを概念化し、実装する;
  • ビデオ会議を録画するための機材への接続方法;
  • 様々なビデオ編集機材やアプリケーションの使用方法;
  • 様々なビデオカメラやビデオ編集用のハードウェアスイッチを含む、キャラクタジェネレータ、クロマキーでの作業
  • パワーポイント、エクセル、、ワード、ファイナルカット、サウンドフォージ、フォトショップの知識と経験
  • デジタルビデオ用語とビデオ会議機器の知識
  • ビデオ会議機器の経験
  • WindowsおよびMacの基本的なサポート経験
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